Personal relationships are the important bonds between people. They are built upon shared experiences, thoughts and feelings. Below is a point form summary of some important features of personal relationships.

  • include brothers and sisters, parents and children, lovers, enemies, best friends, married couples.
  • are based upon a strong emotional connections such as love or hate
  • sometimes relationships can be formed more quickly than others.
  • may be positive or negative
  • are based on shared experiences/interests
  • are an essential part of being human
  • are important to a individual's personal growth
  • usually invite two people to communicate at a deeper level than in other relationships
  • are often built up over time
  • are subject to change -they can break down or new relationships can develop.
  • are often complex where sometimes conflicting emotions about the relationships exist
  • imply duties or responsibilities for both people towards each other
  • are interesting. We are naturally curious about other people's relationships.