A. List 5 personal relationships that you have. (remember, they can be positive or negative). Look at the words below. Try to make them of a diffferent type (eg don't just list your friends)
Which words would apply to the relationships you have listed?





Below is a list of words that could be used to describe different personal relationships. Can you think of relationships in your life or in the lives of others where these words could apply?
  • trust trustworthy, trusting, trusted
  • misunderstanding
  • suspicion suspicious, suspenseful, suspect,
  • competition competitor, compete, competitive, competent
  • love lovely, loving, lovable
  • encouragement
  • responsibility response, responsive, responsible
  • secrecy secret, secretive, secretary
  • loyalty
  • jealousy
  • betrayal
  • support
  • respect
  • admiration
  • restriction
  • freedom
  • confidante