Big statement

Experiences can result in changing perspectives.
One can change one's perspective as a result of an experience.
People can change their perspective as a result of an experience they may share with others.

STEEL is still used, just how it presented is altered. Can use words such as “I”
eg I believe you have also read a good book....

S Recently, I viewed the film Stand By Me, directed by Rob Reiner. It has become evident to me that people can change their perspective as a result of an experience they may share with others.
Initially, the main characters, Vern, Gordy, Chris and Teddy are portrayed to be immature and naïve. They see the search for a young boy's body as an EX“adventure” and an opportunity to gain fame. As they begin their journey, their limited view on life is highlighted by their (T)reflective dialogue within the Tflashback when it is stated EX“this town was our whole world.” The accompanying Tmusic is light hearted and cheerful. EFThis mirrors the childish attitudes of the characters as they begin their journey.

However, the final scenes demonstrate the change in the characters as a result of their experience.The boys have matured and changed their perspective - especially their perspective of the town. The voice over when Gordy states "....somehow the town seemed different - smaller" is accompanied by more mellow and reflective music than existed in the opening scenes. The accompanying low angle shots also emphasise their personal and emotional growth. The use of mis-en-scene of the closed tree house and the positioning of Chris and Gordy at a distance symbolises their movement away from their childhood. Therefore, it can be seen that an experience can alter one's perxpective.

Furthermore/ In addition/ As well as/
....relationships with others can cause us to change our perspective about ourselves.